Our story

Paul and Clare Hudson have been serving in medical missions with SIM for 30 years.  They first moved their family to Ethiopia, working in a Christian mission hospital and shaping young leaders for community health.  In the mid 90’s they spent time in Nepal, until forced to return to the USA for medical treatment.  At that point Paul worked with SIM International consulting for ministries to human needs; he was able to travel broadly to see health ministries around world.  With others, he helped start SIM’s multi-country Hope for AIDS program. They returned to Asia with one of their four children in 2004, consulting for HIV/AIDS and missionary health. Clare is a physician’s assistant and has found her niche in recent years as a counselor.  They returned to the USA in 2013 to continue to work in health ministries and member care with SIM International and SIM USA.

We believe that God’s power is shown through weakness and that He doesn’t waste any opportunity — even difficult ones — to shape us towards His glory in Jesus Christ.

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  1. Clare, I’m a Physician Assistant working with SIM in South Sudan running the Grieve Memorial Clinic. Our medical clinic is more than just a clinic–we are a ministry center and feel strongly that medicine must be holistic meeting the physical AND spiritual AND the emotional needs of our patients. See: http://www.simdoroclinic.com.

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