Racial Reconciliation

Tim Keller wrote “Generous Justice” in 2010. He speaks there about John Perkins’ strategy for rebuilding poor communities (Perkins has been a leader in community development and racial reconciliation for many years in the USA). I think the principle he articulates from John Perkins is so important for a vital, cross cultural, gospel-shaped ministry of … Continue reading Racial Reconciliation

Charleston, South Carolina

We all mourn the tragedy in Charleston, where the hatred of one white man for black people turned into murderous rage.  Eight African American Christians are dead.  As a nation we don’t know how to even think about such an evil act. We are humbled by the forgiving spirit of these families and friends. Pundits are … Continue reading Charleston, South Carolina

The Ephesian Moment — one body, many parts

Mission medical workers want to see healing of the body, the child with malaria, the mother suffering with postpartum depression, the young man wounded in a fight. But there is another body we want to see healed, the body of Christ. In Acts chapter 15 we read, “And some men came down from Judea and … Continue reading The Ephesian Moment — one body, many parts

The Work of the New York Medical Missionary Society

I was recently at a meeting where the idea of a medical missions institute was proposed, in order to enable our healthcare missionaries to better flourish in their international settings.  In fact over 65 different agencies send out missionaries from America; if we add Canadians, Indians, Australians, Nigerians, British, South Africans, etc the number of … Continue reading The Work of the New York Medical Missionary Society